Aliso Viejo, CA, November 10, 2015  – DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE [PDF]

Say goodbye to dropped calls, dread zones and dead batteries. mJoose gives you more bars and up to 14 extra hours of battery life.

Built for the almost 70 percent of users who experience poor signal coverage either at home, work, commute or while traveling, mJoose delivers stronger connectivity, better call quality and fewer dropped calls. Unlike existing battery cases, mJoose includes cell signal amplification with patented micro-electronics that are so small they fit into the protective case. mJoose is offering the 3-in-1 Case for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy s6 for pre-orders on Indiegogo (URL). Super early bird adopters will be able to pre-order mJoose for $89.99/$99.99 compared to the future retail price of $149.99/$159.99.

The mJoose 3-in-1 Case includes

  • A multi-band 700-2100MHz consumer-friendly cell signal amplifier to improve cell signal performance wherever the user and smartphone travel.
  • 3000 mAh battery for 100% extended time or 14 hours of additional talking and 75% faster charging.
  • Slim-line 3.9 ounce attractive protective case.

“For almost the same cost as traditional extended battery cases, our case also gives smartphone users cell signal assurance,” says Daniel Ash, president and CEO. “mJoose eliminates dread zones giving you more bars in more places.“

The patented signal amplifier captures the existing signal at the specific frequency and amplifies it to improve the call reception quality effectively creating a better handshake. The 3-in-1 Case works on CDMA, GSM, TDMA, and 2G, 3G/ 4G and LTE frequencies which means it works with all U.S. carrier networks.

Benefits to smartphone users

Up to 100x signal strength: While signal strength and voice quality may vary depending on the carrier and user location, the mJoose case lab results from a CTIA-certified lab verified 20dB gain which is 100x signal strength.

Upgraded internet connectivity: When signal strength is low the smartphone user may be connected to the internet on 1x, or 2G lower frequencies. When using the mJoose 3-in-1 Case the phone now has a better connection which translates into internet connectivity at 4G of LTE speeds.

100% extended battery life: The built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery delivers an additional 14 hours talk time, up to 22 hours video playback and an additional 63-100 hours audio playback.

Additional battery life savings: Poor reception significantly drains battery life as the phone aggressively tries to connect to the tower. Our amplifier secures a better connection to the carrier network which reduces the power drain up to 25% for both the extended battery and the iPhone battery. 

Complete mobility: The 3-in-1 Amp Case travels with the consumer to concerts, hotel rooms, conferences, sports field, etc.  Consumers now have ubiquitous, improved signal coverage in areas plagued by weak signals.