Cell Phone Signal Amplifier

The goal of a cell phone signal amplifier is to take an existing cell signal, typically found outside your home, office or vehicle, amplify the signal and then broadcast it to an area which has weak or no signal. A cell phone signal amplifier system consists of an external antenna, a signal boosting amplifier and an internal antenna, with cable connecting all of the components. In some cases, the amplifier and internal antenna are one unit, but most of the time the three components are separate.

In order for the system to work, there must be an existing, stable signal to receive and amplify. Cell phone signal amplifiers are not able to create signal, they only amplify and transmit cell phone signal, so if you are not able to place an external antenna in a location that has a stable signal, then a cell phone signal booster will not work for you.

Poor Cell Signal in America

There’s a big problem with cell phone signal throughout the country.

First, the mass popularity of smartphones is changing the landscape. What used to be multiple separate devices to manage our schedule, time, entertainment, business, and connections have all rolled into one.

Games. Photos & video. Internet surfing. Emails. Streaming music and movies. Social media. And oh yeah, talk & text. It’s one big convergence that requires a lot of power, a lot of battery, and a lot of data – big, fast data.

With over 90% of American adults owning a cell phone and a majority of them using mobile internet, the need for constant signal isn’t a luxury. It’s a way of life.

While cell phone carriers are busy ramping up their 4G LTE networks, demand easily outstrips supply. With hundreds, even up to  thousands of users confined to a cell phone tower at the same time; low bars, slower-than-promised data speeds, poor quality reception, and dropped calls are expected as every user pushes and shoves to grab a piece of that cellular pie.

The Express Pass To A Better Signal

Cell phone signal amplifiers (also known as cellular repeaters or cell phone boosters) are devices that amplify your cell signals to and from your mobile phone, increasing your number of bars, internet speed, coverage, and connection reliability.

Another great side effect of using a cell phone amplifier is the smartphone’s increased battery life since it requires less power to find and broadcast signals.

While the majority of early cell phone signal amplifier consumers lived in weak signal environments such as rural areas located far from cell towers or where big businesses needed greater coverage, the rise of mainstream everyday consumers have gained in numbers–weakening carrier signal quality in the city, as well as the country.

Urban areas and commercial development create an urban jungle for cellular signals. Signals face interference from high buildings or obstructions, metal structures, thick insulated interiors – a multitude of external and internal clutter that impedes, reflects, and dampens the cell signal penetration before it reaches your phone.

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