Many industries in today’s world have become dependent on reliable cell signals. When we created MoJoose, we had one mission in mind…. To make unreliable signals a thing of the past. 

Our all-inclusive smartphone case has technology that is compatible with most smartphones and can amplify weak signals – while charging your battery. We wanted to discuss how industries such as Uber, UPS, USPS, truck drivers, and Texas oil field workers can benefit from MoJoose!
Rideshare/ Delivery Services
Millions of people experience poor cellular service daily. This can create a bottleneck for corporate services like Amazon and many others. Without reliable cell service, drivers struggle to navigate their routes. 

Workers should be able to get from point A to point B, stay connected, and keep deliveries on track… without scrambling for cell service. The mJoose case is a match made in heaven for delivery-based professions!

Remote/Rural Industries
Texas oil field workers rely on 4G and 5G cell towers for better service. But let’s be realistic, cell towers can’t always guarantee exceptional service. However, if there is a signal available, the mJoose case can amplify the signal to provide more reliable service. 

This can be especially dangerous for workers that spend time in rural areas with poor signal, with no way of calling for help in the midst of an emergency. This is why we’re disrupting the $448B smartphone market, so hard-working people don’t fall off the grid!

Thank You For Your Time!

We hope this gave you some insight into how the mJoose case can partner with businesses who rely on cellular communication! For those interested in our equity crowdfunding endeavors, visit our StartEngine page to learn more!