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Award-Winning mJoose Case for iPhone 6 and 6S Reduces Dropped Calls, Enables Faster Data Connections, and Extends Battery Life

MoJoose, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of innovative cellphone accessories, announced today that it has begun shipping its award-winning Smartphone Case for iPhone® 6 and 6S. The innovative mJoose™ Smartphone Case incorporates the industry’s first cell signal amplifier and a battery extender into an attractive, protective case.

Available now through at a retail price of $129.99, the mJoose case provides stronger connectivity, better call quality, and fewer dropped calls for the nearly 70 percent of cellphone users that experience poor signal coverage at home, work, or on their commutes.

The mJoose case incorporates a patented signal amplification technology that creates a better handshake between the smartphone and the cell tower by capturing the existing signal and amplifying it to improve the call reception. The mJoose Case supports 2G, 3G/4G, and LTE frequencies to provide compatibility with all U.S. carrier networks.

Benefits of the mJoose Smartphone Case

  • Up to 100 Times Signal Strength – mJoose patented technology delivers better reception by extending coverage to more cellphone towers. The cases work on any of the nation’s top networks providing better signal regardless of your carrier.
  • Powerful Battery Extender – The powerful 2950 mAh battery extender doubles the iPhone battery life giving users twice as long to surf, talk and text. Priority charging and sync charges your smartphone first and then the case.
  • Reduce Radiation – The mJoose case provides a 70 percent reduction in the user’s exposure to radiation emitted from the cellphone.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Poor reception significantly drains battery life as the phone aggressively tries to connect to the tower. The mJoose case secures a better connection to the carrier network which reduces the power drain up to 25 percent for both the mJoose case battery and the smartphone battery.
  • Complete Mobility – The slim, attractive mJoose  case integrates with the iPhone 6 and 6S to provide ubiquitous, improved signal coverage in areas such as concerts, hotel rooms, conference facilities, and sports fields that are often plagued by weak signals.

“Anticipation and excitement for this innovative product has been growing since the mJoose case was twice named a 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree earlier this year at CES,” explained Daniel Ash, founder and CEO of mJoose. “Our mJoose  cases are an ideal companion for  smartphones, allowing them to perform better and work more efficiently to increase productivity and improve overall usability.”

mJoose Cases for other popular smartphones will be available soon. To learn more about the mJoose Smartphone Cases, visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About MoJoose, Inc.

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., MoJoose, Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the mJoose innovative technology-enhancing solutions for mobile devices. Our seasoned management team consists of telecommunications and wireless industry executives with extensive knowledge of smartphone and RF cell tower/base station technologies. Our talented engineering team is breaking new ground in RF cell signal technology and wireless communication innovation. By raising the bar on cell signal technology, the company is delivering on the promise of mobility. For more information on MoJoose and its line of mJoose products, visit the company website at

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