MoJoose is a California-based technology startup that has created the mJoose case, a 4-in-1 smartphone case that can boost your cell signal, charge your phone’s battery, reduce the radiation emitted from the device, and protect your phone. 

To date, we’ve secured 10 patents… clear evidence of our deep expertise in Wireless Technology and Consumer Electronics. 
Third-Party Testing 
Unreliable cell signals are a universal experience. More than 70% of smartphone users have trouble maintaining cell phone signal strength throughout their day. A number of factors contribute to this, such as environment and distance. When signal strength drops low enough, it means that the smartphone and tower can no longer communicate with one another. 

The mJoose case solves this universal issue by helping cell phones receive signal in a pinch… even in rural areas where most signal isn’t detected. Our certified technology is patented and third-party tested.

We designed and built the amplifier system using our decades of experience in radio frequency technology. This trailblazing, mobile, and affordable amplification system is the first of its kind! The system is enclosed inside smartphone cases, and it is compatible with any network or carrier. Plus, it’s been rigorously tested to meet government and industry standards.

Traditional cellular signal amplifiers cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. The amplifiers are placed in permanent locations such as inside a car, home, or office to improve signal. These often need expensive professional installation and carrier registration. 
Patented Antenna System

It is approved by:
Industry Canada (IC) in Canada.
Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) in Mexico. 
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S.
Apple MFI (made for iPhone)

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