Aliso Viejo, CA June 26, 2023 – MoJoose Inc., a pioneering technology company specializing in innovative mobile device accessories, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Coil Partners, a distinguished investment banking firm. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for MoJoose Inc. as it prepares to raise additional capital, enabling the company to initiate the commercial launch of its highly anticipated mJoose product line.

Coil Partners, renowned for their expertise in investment banking and their proven track record in facilitating successful funding rounds, will play a critical role in assisting MoJoose Inc. with securing the necessary financial resources for its upcoming commercial expansion. This partnership brings together MoJoose Inc.’s cutting-edge product offerings and Coil Partners’ deep knowledge of the investment landscape, forging a powerful alliance that will propel the company toward a successful market entry.

MoJoose Inc. has gained widespread recognition for its revolutionary mJoose products, which combine protective mobile device cases with innovative signal-boosting technology. With a mission to enhance user experiences by improving signal strength and battery life, mJoose products have generated substantial anticipation and interest among tech-savvy consumers.

By retaining Coil Partners, a trusted name in investment banking, MoJoose Inc. demonstrates its commitment to securing the necessary capital to accelerate the commercial launch of the mJoose product line. Leveraging Coil Partners’ extensive network of investors and their strategic financial insights, MoJoose Inc. is poised to make a significant impact in the market and revolutionize the mobile device accessory industry.

Daniel Ash, CEO of MoJoose Inc., expressed great enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Coil Partners as we embark on this pivotal stage of our journey. With their expertise and support, we are confident in raising the capital required to bring our groundbreaking mJoose products to market. This partnership exemplifies our shared vision of empowering mobile device users with innovative, reliable, and convenient solutions.”

John Blackburn, Managing Director at Coil Partners, also expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “MoJoose Inc. has introduced a game-changing concept to the mobile device accessory market. We are honored to be part of their growth trajectory and contribute our investment banking expertise to help them secure the necessary capital. Together, we will pave the way for a successful commercial launch of the mJoose product line.”

Through this strategic partnership, MoJoose Inc. and Coil Partners aim to revolutionize the mobile device accessory market, ensuring that users can experience enhanced signal strength and extended battery life. With the forthcoming capital raise, MoJoose Inc. is set to propel its market presence, expand its product offerings, and deliver a new era of innovation to mobile device users.

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About MoJoose Inc.
MoJoose Inc. is a pioneering technology company dedicated to providing innovative mobile device accessories. With a focus on enhancing user experiences, MoJoose Inc. has developed the groundbreaking mJoose product line, which combines protective mobile device cases with cutting-edge signal-boosting technology. MoJoose Inc. aims to revolutionize the mobile device accessory market and empower users with reliable and convenient solutions.

About Coil Partners
Coil Partners is a distinguished investment banking firm known for its strategic financial expertise and successful capital raises. With an extensive network of investors and deep industry knowledge, Coil Partners assists companies in various sectors in raising capital, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and achieving their growth objectives.