Award-winning smartphone case boosts signal and battery life to elevate the phone it protects

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – Oct. 10, 2022 – MoJoose, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of innovative technologies to enhance and protect smartphones, today announced the launch of its private crowdfunding campaign on leading US investment platform to support the commercial rollout of its flagship product, the mJoose case for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. The patented, award-winning 4-in-1 smartphone case amplifies a smartphone’s signal, decreases dead zones, extends its battery life up to 100 percent, protects the device, and has been proven to reduce RF radiation by up to 70%. Click here MoJoose | StartEngine

The mJoose Case is FCC-approved, Apple MFi-certified (“Made for iPhone”) and has won six CES Innovation Awards. The company has secured 10 patents for its breakthrough technology. MoJoose is ready to capitalize on the strong traction the product received during its pilot launch phase and begin offering the mJoose case commercially. With more than 6.6 billion smartphone users globally, mJoose has the potential to disrupt one of the largest addressable markets in the world, at a value of $448B. That potential is mirrored in the smartphone case market. Globally, the smartphone battery case market had an estimated value of $5.4 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $9.7 billion by 2027.

“Anyone who owns a smartphone has experienced the frustration of having poor reception, dropped calls, or a battery that drains too fast, and the mJoose case helps solve those problems,” said Daniel Ash, founder, and CEO of MoJoose. “Our mJoose case was designed with universal application in mind, and as such, it can work on the most popular smartphones, giving us further flexibility to tackle this multi-billion dollar industry.”

Designed and developed by a world-class team of wireless and consumer technology experts, the mJoose case offers cutting-edge features at an affordable price. Built-in commercial-grade low power, low noise signal amplifying technology works in harmony with the phone’s internal antenna. The 2500 mAh battery extender can charge a smartphone 2.5x faster than traditional charging via wall outlets. Patented technology inside the mJoose case redirects the signal and radiation away from the body.

MoJoose smartphone case technology will become even more vital to smartphone users as 5G cell network technology matures. 5G’s shorter wavelength frequencies will require more dedicated cell signal infrastructure to maintain a strong cell signal, and limited access to 5G towers will be limited impact mobile data speeds.

“Our mission at MoJoose is to give smartphone users a case that elevates the phone it protects, with greater cell signal connectivity. Ahead of our commercial launch of mJoose, we are inviting the StartEngine community to join us on the journey,” said Ash.

About MoJoose, Inc.

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., MoJoose, Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the mJoose innovative technology-enhancing solutions for mobile devices. Our seasoned management team consists of telecommunications and wireless industry executives with extensive knowledge of smartphone and RF cell tower/base station technologies. Our talented engineering team is breaking new ground in RF cell signal technology and wireless communication innovation. By raising the bar on cell signal technology, the company is delivering on the promise of mobility. For more information on MoJoose and its line of mJoose products, visit the company website at

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