With 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, MoJoose has the potential to disrupt one of the largest addressable markets in the world. We’re sure many have wondered: How can one phone case improve cellular signal when cell tower signals are weak? 

The mJoose case receives a low level cellular downlink signal from the cell tower through its receive antenna and amplifies that signal with a very low power, low noise amplifier.. This now-amplified signal is then wirelessly coupled to the phone’s internal antenna.  We’re the only company to put a signal amplifier into a case – with patents to back us up!
Patented Breakthrough Technology 

To date, we’ve secured ten patents… clear evidence of our deep expertise in Wireless Technology and Consumer Electronics. 

What Makes MoJoose a Distinctive Addition to the Smartphone Market?

We’re authorized to produce recognized third-party accessories for Apple devices with our MFi-certification. *Please keep in mind that mJoose can work on virtually all smartphones. 

Additional Company Highlights: 

Raised $7M+ to date
Reduces radiation exposure by an average of 70% 
Earned 6 CES Innovation Awards honoring our outstanding design and engineering
Globally, the smartphone battery case market is projected to reach $9.7B by 2027
Why MoJoose is Beneficial to Everyone

Teens rely on exceptional service to keep them safe while they’re having fun. This is the age when they slowly start to gain more freedom… Before you know it, they drive and go places with friends without parental supervision.

MoJoose can provide reliable service/phone charge so parents can have peace of mind when their kids are out and about!

Why partnering with UBER and UPS would be a match made in heaven!

Workers rely on cell service to get from point A to point B, for package tracking, and more. Our worldwide solution to unreliable cell signals can keep Uber/delivery drivers on track so they don’t fall off the grid. 
Thank You For Your Time!
We hope this gave you some insight into all the amazing things we plan to accomplish! For those interested in our equity crowdfunding endeavors, visit our StartEngine page to learn more!