MoJoose knows that there’s one thing that 6.6 billion wireless users around the world have in common, and that’s the frustration of experiencing weak signals or dropped calls. 

The advent of 5G is resulting in its own problems. Many areas have few towers capable of transmitting 5G signals, causing a huge drop-off in overall quality and connection speed.

Whether it’s a parking garage, subway, remote area, or just a home residence with poor reception, dropped calls and slow data speeds are an inconvenience that smartphone owners struggle with every day. 

The smartphone market is one of the largest addressable markets in the world, valued at an astonishing $448B. Additionally, the smartphone battery case market has an estimated value of $5.4B in 2020, and is projected to reach $9.7B by 2027. (Globally) 

MoJoose is providing the definitive answer to disconnected users’ woes with our 4-in-1 multipurpose smartphone case, a case that possesses unique, patented technology that’s designed to improve users’ connectivity. More service bars in more locations, immediately!

*The mJoose case can work on virtually all smartphones!

Our 4-in-1 mJoose case’s unique qualities: 

  • Amplifies cell signals and reduces dead zones
  • Extends phone battery by 100% (2.5x faster charging)
  • Reduces RF Radiation from device by up to 70%
  • Protects smartphone from wear and tear

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