We recently held an exclusive online event, with CEO Daniel Ash. In case you missed it, we went over a few hot topics: Daniel gave an in depth breakdown of how MoJoose came to be, our founding team’s background story, commercial launch, and our plans to expand our case selection to cover most Apple and Samsung devices!

MoJoose’s Origin Story

When Daniel worked from home, the only place he could catch reliable service was when he was standing next to his kitchen sink. That’s when an epiphany occurred: Why not shrink a signal amplifier to fit inside a phone case? With his 20+ years of engineering experience from Hewett Packard and Powerwave Technologies, a leader in cell tower amplifier products, mJoose was born!

Why Investors Love Us

We’re disrupting the $448 billion dollar smartphone market as the worldwide solution to unreliable cell signals. (Source: Statista). Investors recognize MoJoose as a massive, lucrative opportunity thanks to our outstanding traction! 

Not fully convinced? We have the numbers to back us up:

10+ patents 

✔Raised $7M+ to date

Thousands of units sold via e-commerce pilot launch

Thank You For Your Time!

We hope this gave you some insight for all the amazing things we plan to accomplish! For those interested in our equity crowdfunding endeavors, visit our StartEngine page to learn more!